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#1 Posted at 2013-01-17 16:03        
OK, I may be kinda new to the community but there's an issue with ALL of the mod download links. I either have to click it & wait almost 10 mins for anything to pop up saying would you like to download this? or I have to open the link in a new tab & it'll work. It all depends on the download though, for example I'm trying to download the ACE mod & its not opening at all! & the other day I was downloading a new jet, the download popped up maybe 5 mins later but when installing a tank it popped up immediately! This bug is frustrating & its not my computer, I download things like this with issue anywhere else but the addons on here are the ones I want. I really wanna know what the deal is cause this has takin up so much of my time & I really do enjoy Arma2 & Arma2_OA


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There is nothing wrong with the downloads. They all work, one server is quicker than the other but they do work.
The fact they are slow is just cause you are not the only one trying to download, there are hundreds of other people downloading at the same time.

Since there is nothing wrong here and nothing needs to be fixed the thread is locked.

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