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I don't like the way the arma groups are set up. I bet most of you don't either. So, I am making a template that you can copy (control+C) and paste (control+V) into your missions to save lots of painstaking tediousness when you could be working on other things. Some of our experienced members probably already have their own templates set up, but for everyone else, I have an accurate unit build of US Army up to regiment (brigade) level that includes proper unit ID on map, (Alpha Company, 1st Battalion, 58th Infantry Regiment) in compressed form (A Co. 1/58). Each squad is a group, there is no high command module, but they are organized for it. I made the unit organization a bit larger than is practical for the game, but the idea is that you can just copy the piece of the template that you need, it is laid out in an easy to use grid format. If this template is wanted, then I will upload it and begin working on doing an accurate build for US Marines and Takistani Army, I also have an accurate template of the Taki guerrillas (based on my time in Syria) and the Chern Guerrillas (based on manuals and journals from Che, Moa, and the Irish... republicans...). Each Unit will be built as accurately as the information I can find on the respective militaries, except the Russians, which I have been having trouble with in two ways. The first way is that their vehicles are a touch OP for my infantry units and the second issue is that I can't find any russian military manuals on the clear net, so they are an exact mirror of the US Army organization shown in the screen below, except with their motor rifle company (US Delta Company) being made with a fewer vehicles but the same number of men.

The ranks are accurate as far as Arma II CO allows, the regiment is commanded by a colonel, the two battalions are commanded by majors, the eight companies are commmanded by captains and each platoon is led by a lieutenant, the squad leaders are sergeants, and the fire teams are led by corporals, the remaining positions are staffed by privates, the way it should be... Not arma's way, with two lieutenants a sergeant and six corporals per squad...

Each commander at company or higher has two forward observing units (FO consists of Sergeant (Spotter), Corporal (Spotter), and Private (Sniper)). Each commander also has a mortar section which is led by a sergeant as the squad/section leader and has two gun teams consisting of a Corporal as gunner and two privates each as ammo bearer and assistant gunner. The Battalion commanders have three gun teams in their sections. The companies use 60mms and the Battalions use 81mms, the regiment has no attached mortars currently. However, these mortars are currently just the characters that carry the mortars, I don't have the slightest idea how to make them deploy and fire the mortars.

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