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#1 Posted at 2013-03-04 13:44        
Hello, my name is Blythe, and lately I've been helping out a few friends of mine that like to play DayZ with me. (We're working on a clan, hence the name "The Dragon Crew".) One of them didn't understand how to use the SVD, and he wasn't understanding what I was saying, so I made up a quick mission for target practice, but for some reason, he couldn't get in. It kept saying his ping was 2500 for my mission, and for all other missions and servers. I told him to remake one and I'll join him, I had the same issue. We eventually turned off all the extensions we had except for what was crucial to ARMA itself. We still had the problem. Anyone have a clue on how to help me out? This is really confusing, and I tried map changes, expansion changes, name changes, all that stuff. Please help me!

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The Dragon Crew
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Maybe Ports (if dedicated servers ,Self Hosted Doesn't Need PortForwarding )?
Maybe Issues With You'r Internet's ?
More Details About this issue please . ( What is the error message , example : Failed To Connect ) but its alot of sure to check arma 2 log file . maybe upload it to any file hosting sites ,so i can take a lot at it .
or u can send it at email . my email is : .