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Operation Strike Back


You take the role of a member of the Special Boat Squadron, S Squadron. Your mission is to land in the bay and them move out to destroy the 3 Helos on the Airfield and then catch a ride on the little bird that on the Airfield and fly it back to HMS Queen Elizabeth.

Extract the .pbo file(s) to your ArmA3\MPMissions folder.

Future plans:
to find a script that allow for you to keep the same weapons when you die and to find a revive script that works

  • fixed respawn is know in the church yard above town
  • change to ups script round town
  • added a few little scripts

  • v0.90
  • ammo crates should have more stuff in also fix a error with the ammo crates
  • change the start place start more up coast now
  • new obj added need to blow up boats in harbour
  • need to attack watch tower on hill near airfield
  • fix end game trigger should work now

  • Credits and thanks:
    thank you to the below for the use of there scripts and to Reality Gaming for there hours of playing this and finding bugs
    =BTC= Revive by =BTC= CLAN
    SCUBA insertion combat clothes in backpack script bysimon 1279

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    "-Advanced Combined Operations-";

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