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Cops & Crooks 0.2
Team Deathmatch / RP

Suggested players 10
Minimum Players 3

1-3 suspects has killed an individual in the town of Agia Marina on Stratis. They arrived by boat on the north side of the island and need to get away from the cops. The cops have access to 1 armored veichle, 1 helicopter, a couple of offroads and most important: Radios. The cops goal is to kill all the suspects (Stratis courthouse in on strike...) and the crooks goal is to leave the island by boat. If a civilian spots the criminals, they will call the cops.

Download links:

* Proper briefing
* Remove the AI-slots by default
* Sirens / sound for the police cars
* Enhanced speed for police cars
* Able to place mines that just do enough damage to injure and/or disable the criminals wheels (Both for Criminals and Cops (Spikemat / Caltrops)
* Dynamic civilians that will report the criminals (if the criminals shoot the civilians they don't report)
* More range of cars (Will have do wait until Beta / Full Release)
* Police cars / Uniforms
* "Criminal" Uniforms
* Change the scenario to a bankrobbery instead (Criminals go to Town X (have several towns to get some element of suprise) and the police is alerted after the robbery)
* Custom Radio sounds
* Be able to capture the criminals alive (Maybe a scoreboard - 10p for kill / 100 for capture)

This is my first map that i publish to the public eye and I'm kinda of a n00b when it comes to scripting. Needs some testing (all my Arma-friends is asleep or at work atm...) and lacks alot of features that i want to add. All comments are welcome.

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