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#1 Posted at 2013-03-08 06:49        
I have a laptop and since it's not so great with it's integrated graphics and all I have my eye out for older but fun games. Saw the Arma series on sale and noticed AA as being BF2 equivalent and bought it. The game hates my laptop. The best graphics I get out of it are unitoned giving ingame a google sketchup look. No text or interface is readable. Looking around on forums and such I read that one person mentioned the demo running fine so I downloaded it. Ran perfectly, absolutely no problems. The demo is 1.09 I believe and the steam highest update version is 1.18.

In short how do I get the game running on 1.09 or some patch around there? 1.09 would be awesome though since I know it works. I have tried using the patches on the official website but they don't work with the steam install location :(

Are there any mods which change the version or places to download the old files?

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#2 Posted at 2013-03-08 07:00        
All old patches for Armed Assault are listed in our download section:
- Armed Assault official patches

So, all you need now is a very old game. See if you can buy the game on ebay where someone is selling his game. Ask him if the game he is selling is lower than 1.09 and buy it. But buying a second hand copy is always a risk.
I think the full game, wether it is 1.09 or not, will not run decent on your laptop at all. Arma and laptops are just bad combinations.