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[2A42] Marina CQB Escape


Your squad has run into some vehicle troubles while attempting to meet with a civilian resistance member at a gas station near the airfield (I original had you survive a helicopter crash, but that was a bit "HEY! WE'RE OVER HERE!" for this mission). Taking temporary refuge inside a supporter's home, your team plans their escape. Intel shows a helicopter has landed near the church to the North, and unsure of how long it will remain grounded, a plan is formulated to secure and utilize the helicopter to escape further North, were friendlies await (assuming the intel is still good...). Many hostile infantrymen occupy the urban areas however, and you and your team must incapacitate some of them to ease your escape.

Extract the .pbo file(s) to your ArmA3\MPMissions folder.

Known issues:
-Sometimes the kill counter stops working. If you have already killed the required number of enemies in the area and completed the first task, it isn't an issue. You can actually still complete the mission though. Restarting the map seems to fix the kill counter... which works flawlessly more than 90% of the time. No idea what is causing issues with it.
-You also do not technically have to steal the helicopter to fly to the way point, you can run or drive there... I was going to make it require the helicopter but this is a simulator, I didn't want to limit player choices. If you really want to run 1.5km, go for it. In addition, I was going to make the mission fail if the helicopter is destroyed but I decided to leave it.
-The story line is pretty cheesy. I'll come up with something better later... but I'd guess less than half of the people that download this will read the briefing anyway.

Let me know if there are any changes, additions, comments, etc.
I plan on releasing a daylight version, but I want to do something with it more exciting than simply changing the weather.

-Respawns are a fast 5 seconds, and you'll spawn in one of four random buildings on the Southwest side of the marina. This makes it still somewhat fun if you play it solo or in a smaller group.
-I left friendly AI on, but they don't have any waypoints and will likely just run around the back side of the spawn house drawing attention to you with loud gunfire. Still, they do get a few kills now and then, I may waypoint them later to actually do something worthwhile. You can easily turn them off by having the host click "disable AI" at the bottom right.
-There is an weapons container in the upstairs part of the starting house which contains all of the equipment currently in the game. I'd like to thank TAW_Tonic for this script, I couldn't quite figure it out myself and it helped a ton.
-There are no enemy units outside of the marina area, so don't worry if you're not a good pilot as you don't really have to do much in the helicopter, just take off and fly north. The trigger area to complete the mission is a HUGE strip several km long up there, all you have to do is cross the threshold. Maybe I'll add a sequel to this.
-There are a few AT guys around the helicopter... be careful you don't get shot down by a rocket while escaping!
-There are also lots of civilians around in the city, you aren't penalized in the mission for killing them but you will lose score points as per usual.
-Thanks to Procon for temporary hosting/file storage as well as play testing this thing with me nonstop for hours.
-I know I'm a terrible coder and scripter, this is my first public mission.

There are a few small things I would like to add to this mission that I'm not quite sure how to do yet...

1- The city is extremely dark with no street lights. The street lights seem to come on later on, but it's pitch black by 8:15 pm and they don't turn on until way later. I tried using some arma 2 scripts to light up houses and such, but it doesn't work. I considered adding some "yellow glowsticks" hovering in the corners of random buildings, but I thought that'd take a while and could be pretty rough on lower end systems.
2- I'd also like to add various furniture items and such to the houses, but that would take FOREVER as I'd have to basically go room by room and guessing spawn heights adding in furniture. I may do it eventually, but the core of the mission works for now.
3- Some enemies spawn inside buildings, intentionally. If you walk by them, they will hose you down.. but for some reason, even if a window is broken, you can't throw grenades inside.
4- Civilians stand around a lot, except in direct gunfire where they sometimes run or crawl. ALICE doesn't seem to be present, so I can't really dictate their behavior. They are basically just for practice... I find in DM so far a LOT of people accidentally team kill anything that moves... maybe this will help them with trigger control. They also seem to congregate around the exploded car (which is a scripted event), not sure if that's intentional on BIS's part or not.
5- The AI is available to spawn as a squad with you, but they are loud and fire a lot even on "stealth" mode. It'd be nice if they'd try to move to the waypoint with a little less noise, but I'm not sure if that's even possible.
6- I wouldn't mind setting each playable character to start with a suppressor for the main weapons, but I couldn't quite figure it out. Ammo box upstairs has 100 silencers in it though, so not a big deal if you're playing with friends.
7- When the helicopter crashes a minute or so in, my framerate dives even if I can't see it. I'm running a 3770k and I still get crap framerates... but hey, it's Alpha. Still, this could be improved.
8- Friendly AI could be improved, for some reason when I start the mission they are already firing at enemies while I'm in the load screen. I considered adding patrol routes for the enemies, but they seem to gravitate towards gunfire and such by default so I didn't think it was necessary. The idea was that these guys aren't really expecting you to be there at all and wouldn't really be patrolling.
9- when a task is completed, it plays a short sound. I want to come up with some other way, maybe text on screen somewhere that denotes when a task is completed to help direct the "common man" who doesn't read the briefing about what to do next. I considered adding voice acting on the task triggers... but I don't really think I sound badass enough. Maybe I'll do it anyway in a future version.

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