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03: Escape


Something unexplained happened 15 minutes ago... It was very dark for 5 minutes and then, again daytime. Our boats ran out of fuel. Unknown island was close, so there was no choice...
This is the continuation of the first and second parts.

It is survival coop. To play it, you need nightstalkers mod. In this coop you have not only to shoot zombies and bloodsuckers, you have to survive!.
In the game are 3 items available - Medkit, Rad-X and Campfire. Medkit I don't need to explain. Rad-X protect you from radiation certain time. Campfire warms you up, so you don't freeze.
In this coop you have to search suitcases and bags with items. But you don't know, what item you will find in that suitcase. You find random items. Sometimes you can find just an empty suitcase/bag. Suitcases and bags can be everywhere. Near damaged cars, in houses on different floors, on the roofs, in forest, etc.. To survive and don't die in the deadly radiation, you MUST search these suitcases/bags. If you used all items and don't have any of them, you can ask another to give you one certain item. This mission is a challenge!

  • Difficulty: Hard/Very hard
  • Genre: Post-apocalyptic
  • Side: Stalkers
  • Language: English
  • Music: Scary-atmospheric music and gothic music
  • Movie clips/Small-cutscenes: Yes/No

  • - Good post-apocalyptic atmosphere
    - Snow
    - Script of cold breath
    - Heavily edited Vorkuta (Very much crashed objects, suitcases, bags, cars, etc...)

    Extract the .pbo file(s) to your ArmA2 Operation Arrowhead\MPMissions folder.


    * This coop request really good teamwork!
    * It is STRONGLY recommended to enable music in your game settings (50% enough), if it is disabled
    *Read briefing carefully
    * To play this mission normally, create a copy of mod folder @NC (also your namalsk mod folder) and call it for example @NC_Escape. Then go to @NC_Escape\Addons and replace the files from folder 'Replace files' (Copy - paste).
    * Rembember. Search EVERY, EVERY building! If you see crashed vehicles in forest near roads - search this forest! Always check your status. Search every truck, roof, etc... Do exactly that, what you would do in the apocalypse!
    * This mission I made long time ago. I have not released it, because I waited for new namalsk update with normal bloodsuckers/zombies script, which is still not came out.

  • Improved gameplay security
  • Increased freezing

  • Credits & thanks:
    Mission was tested by: JTS (me), Urban, Sumrak

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    Thanks for posting the release here:
    News is up on the frontpage and you can find our mirror here: