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#1 Posted at 2013-03-27 00:50        
Hello ArmaHolics! I have a small list of questions that I will list below. Please here me out, also sorry if this is the wrong section!

The story:
Im running my own small Chernarus Wasteland server. Iv been in some dayz servers, takistan, and wasteland servers that have what i listed below. Please help my by explaining what I could do or what script I could use to manipulate these problems/ tasks. I know because iv joined the mission I have there mission files saved to my AppData/MPMissions. But its been a few months and I cant remember the name.

    1.How can I put spawn points assigned to admins? (By GUID or ID, e.t.c...)
    2.How can I lock gates, bar gates, or doors? (Whats the init. or script i need?)
    3.How can I add all the weapons to one weapon box? I know there's a script for this as admins use it and others have it in there wasteland.(Admin base or donor base)

If I have anymore questions or concerns I will add them to the list. But for now please help with your reply.
If you have any questions for me, please feel free to ask.

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#2 Posted at 2013-03-27 01:18     

go there for the anmo box filler script,(PS : Create a base without a marker,eg hidden.)
for the rest idk ,sorry bro


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#3 Posted at 2013-03-27 06:56        
Topic moved to mission editing. It strikes me how you can scroll post an entire editing forum section to post an editing question in the general section.