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#1 Posted at 2013-04-01 21:43        
Hey everyone,
I've been toying with the editor for a couple months, but have never completed any big projects. I finally wanted to start a true campaign, but I have a few questions first:

1) What do I need in terms of briefing (both per-mission and per-campaign...and the associated files)?
I have never done a true mission intro or briefing, and I was looking for good, reliable resources on how to create production quality briefings and introductions for the campaign and missions.

2) What do I need to enable radio chatter? Or better, what do I need to have in the onAct field of a trigger?
I've never been able to add radio chatter into my missions, and I would like to add some in for some context (and possibly voice overs) and added realism.


3) How do I make dynamic objectives? Objectives that can be failed, and in a later mission, be used against you?
Example, the main objective is to destroy the enemy mortar team, but if you don't complete the secondary objective of sabotaging the enemy fuel depot, the enemies can use Helo's against you in the next missions. How do I maintain a persistence between missions?

Ok, I know campaigns may not be entirely possible in the Aplpha, but its a WIP as we move forward.