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#1 Posted at 2013-04-06 12:07        
Hi I'm trying to set up a "convoy" mission (escort/defend) but ran in to some issues.

1. I'm using out of vehicle drivers and they exit as soon as they get fired upon. I have delayed this with "careless" behaviour setting but that result in them waiting a couple of extra hits.

2. I want the player/players to be able to stop and start the convoy at any given time. I tried using the AI control module in the editor synced with a radio trigger. One for stop and one for move. This works but only once.. (trigger set to repeatable.

3. Spawning a vehicle with a flat tire or other damage? I have tried to slide the health/armor bar up and down but that only make the vehicle explode or get a lot of damage but still drive able.

Any ideas?


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