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#1 Posted at 2013-04-08 18:38        
Hi there

Sry for my bad english im swiss :D

I would like to take some old weapons from arma 2 and make it Arma 3 ready, i know there are ways to use all Arma 2 Objects in arma 3 but i want to make them functional with the new attachments.

so here is my problem i dont no how to do this. If someone would like to help me, i would be very grateful.

LG Neo

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#2 Posted at 2013-04-08 19:02        
You would have to change all the Arma 2 models to be able to have the attachement system etc which is used in Arma 3 and that is not allowed. You can not and should not edit the BI models.
If you own both games all you can do is enjoy them as they are in Arma 3, that is it.

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