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Intel Destruction - Agia Marina


This is a cooperative mission for 1 up to 8 players, involving intensive high-pressure Close Quarters Battle (CQB) action in Agia Marina.

Opfor has managed to obtain highly sensitive information from Blufor. Thankfully the intel was encrypted. However, our analysts predict Opfor is likely to break through the encryption soon. As an elite group of Blufor CQB specialists, you are sent in to Agia Marina to locate and destroy the Ifrit the Opfor hackers are using as their mobile base of operations. You must do this within the time-limit.

- Play solo or play coop with friends (up to 8 players).
- A fully voice-acted high intensity story, with non-stock music.
- The target objective is at a random location each time, for maximum replayability.
- Including epic exfiltration at mission ending, at a random location each time.
- Choose the time of day.
- Set the time-limit yourself, take your time or give yourself a hefty challenge!
- Unlimited player respawns, choose between Base or Squad respawn.
- You decide the respawn time.
- Optional additional objects in the Agia Marina canal to use as cover.
- Optional mid-mission enemy reinforcements, threatening and cinematic!
- Optional respawning enemy units, for a real challenge.
- Optional, turn off 3rd Person View, for the true CQB experience.
- Optional kill ticker, showing exactly who killed who, when.
- Full mission briefing, tasks assignment and messages system.

Playthrough video:

Extract the .pbo file(s) to your Steam/SteamApps/common/ArmA 3/MPMissions folder.

This is my first mission, so could really use some feedback. Any criticism, questions, remarks, anything, is welcome!
A TvT version of the mission is in development. Expect this within the next week or so.

Credits & thanks:
A huge thank you to the following people for their scripts:
- Kronzky’s Urban Patrol Script
- Norrin’s additions to the UPS
- XmarksTheScot’s Disable 3rd Person Script
- Moerderhoschi’s Day & Weather Script
- Tuliq’s Basic Killticker Script
- Celery’s CLY Remove Dead Script
**Please note I (heavily) modified these scripts to suit my needs. If you are looking to implement the scripts in your own mission, DO NOT copy them from my mission’s .pbo. Rather download them from their own respective sources shown above.**

A special thank you to:
- SilentAce07, for his Skirmish at Marina Bay mission, on which this mission is very loosely based.
- LuckyNL and Sacha, for lending their voices to the characters, and for testing and giving feedback during mission development.
- Madroz, for additional testing and feedback.
- Bohemia Interactive, for all their hard work and amazing dedication to both the software, and the community.
- Anyone ever who contributed to the ARMA community in any way. You guys make this so great!
- YOU! For taking the time to read this, and even more so for possibly even playing the mission. I would yet again be even more grateful if you would give some short feedback after playing it! Thanks in advance.

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