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#1 Posted at 2013-04-23 11:21        
UPDATE - perhaps I should've posted this in the requests sticky? :/

Hello. ArmA 3 Alpha is my first foray into the series and the editor, and I'm hooked.

Anyway, I totally love the realism in Arma, but I want to make a fun Quake-style arcade deathmatch mode for me and my friends to wind down from all the realism (and to show them what ArmA is capable of with the editor). Of course, this would all be kept to one map, not intended as an Addon or anything like that. Problem is I've hit a few snags. Hopefully it's alright that I put all these questions in the same thread, I just don't want to take up space with a bunch of separate topics.
  1. "lunge" ability - I have made up a very simple little script where the character leaps forward. It uses a vanilla animation, setPos, and setVelocity (as well as slowing down time briefly and playing the sound of a Puma roaring, because it's awesome). Here is the lunge.sqf file:
    Now there are two issues. First, the lunge.sqf script itself works decently until there's something overhead or overlapping with setPos - in which case it acts erratically and the player teleports elsewhere. I searched everywhere and couldn't find any way to detect if the unit will intersect/clip/collide with another.
    The second problem is with the init.sqf file. I can get the lunge script to play no problem at a key press, but I can't seem to make it so you can't repeat the script until it's done by tapping/holding the key down. As it is, you can hold the key down and launch the player into the sky. I tried a few things, like adding a long sleep command to the end of the lunge.sqf file, but no dice.
  2. Extra Health, aka Body Armor - I want the players to be able to take a lot of punishment before dying. I first saw this thread, which I tried out with no joy. According to a BI wiki page on handleDamage, here, it says handleDamage is "Available in Arma 2 only."... so not ArmA 3, then? It made me wonder if there is an alternative method of giving the players extra health, like using dammaged with setDammage and an event handler, maybe so every time they're hit the event handler activates and adds a little health? I dunno.
  3. Less importantly, but it would be cool, is how to increase running speed. I've only found this one topic on the matter. Other Deathmatch essentials would be the first side to reach a certain number of kills wins and pickups.
I can probably work out some of the stuff on my own (like making an announcer with this script, having an infinite ammo powerup, a kill tally, etc.) I know this is a lot to ask, but it's an intriguing project, and I'm learning all the time even just searching for answers and trying to work it out. Unfortunately I've hit a roadblock, so here I am. I appreciate any help I can get!

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