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RSU Alpha

I have created a dialog box for reinforcement.Air support, ground support, naval support appear to the marker and go to the waypoints set before.

Description :
    RSU allows you to dynamically create reinforcements for your side (air, car, ship, soldier).

  • you can adjust the position of waypoints
  • you can set the type of waypoints
  • you can remove all waypoints

Reinforcement infantry Allows two options:
  • by feet: they will have to walk to the next waypoints.
  • by heli: they will be insert the closest to the first waypoint.

    1)Paste the folder "script" in your mission folder root.

    Create "init.sqf", if not exists and copy the following line :
    _null = execVM "script\RSU\init\rsu_compile.sqf";

    3) Create "description.ext", if not exists and copy the following lines :
    #include "script\RSU\RSU_INCLUDE.hpp"
    #include "script\RSU\RSU_DIALOG.hpp"

    4)Create a marker nammed :
It will appear,at this marker, the reinforcement squad.

Enjoy :-)

Download here RSU V0.2A

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