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Sweep Agia Marina v3.5

comfy blanket

Heavy urban warfare with mod support for GIGN gear and assault shield. Your mission is to plant C4 on the radio towers, capture VAS technology, and rescue hostages if you can find them. Once you've done all you can, get out of the town and detonate the C4.

-Plenty of parameters to play the mission however you like and tailor the difficulty to how many players are participating.

-31 player slots: 3 different squad that attack from different directions. Recommended 10 players though, consider the other squads a different direction to attack from. Could get laggy with too many players.

-Dynamic enemy spawning to keep lag low and action high and constant.

-Multiple endings: The mission has a time limit that encourages fast thinking and keeps the mission somewhat short for quick playthroughs. If the time limit runs out you don't instantly lose, instead whoever is the highest ranking, living player gets the option to call in a suicide airstrike or to delay the airstrike by 3 minutes and attempt exfiltration.

-Optional objective of saving hostages which rewards you with AI rebel backup.

-Randomized enemy backup when your team makes progress.

-Support for vanilla gear and GIGN gear alike through parameters. Should a player join without the required mods they'll spawn with vanilla gear.

-ACRE support: Squad leaders spawn with a 148 UHF, the rest spawn with 343s.

-Medic-only revive.

Extract "sweep_agia_marina_v3.5.stratis.pbo" to your "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Arma 3\MPMissions" folder.


Included files:

This was a private mission for awhile due to bugs and testing, hence why it's v3.5 right off the bat.

Credits & Thanks:
AI Spawn Script Pack v0.40 - spunFIN
Revive script v1.3 - Farooq
CLY Remove Dead script - Celery
TAW View Distance Script v1.1 - Tonic
Group Management Script v1.1 - zuff
Scenario - comfy blanket

(all are optional)
R3F French Weapons Pack [ALPHA]

French Intervention Forces (GIGN/Raid...)v1.0[ALPHA]



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