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Persian Gulf, near future. Iranian troops have re-militarized the island of Stratis, possibly in an attempt to control naval traffic in the narrow straits between Iran and the United Arab Emirates. This could negatively affect the possibilities of Western powers to deploy forces in the Gulf region as well as create an obstacle to merchant trade. The US initial response is to insert a small team of Special Forces soldiers to prepare the ground for future operations.


* Branching storyline
* Open approach to task solving
* Air transport and CAS support
* small-unit covert actions
* random patrols
* bonus sniper mission


Unzip and put .pbo files in your ArmA3/MPMissions folder.

Recommended addons

These addons are not required but I highly recommend using them:
NV and Thermal Optics Pack by Uncertain
Barret M107/M82 'Blackened' by g00d69


Version 1.00: release version (Built on Arma 3 Alpha 0.60)

Known Issues

* Radio traffic is all text and no voice-acting
* Using timeskip requires all players to use menu action to manually synchronize timeskips

Design Notes

This is a mission pack which started out as a means for me to learn more about creating ArmA 3 missions as well as getting my feet wet in the sea of scripting. My intention was to create a branching campaign but I have not yet figured out technically how to create a campaign in ArmA 3. Instead, as a quick-and-dirty workaround, each mission debriefing contains instructions on which mission to play next. (If anyone knows how to connect missions and form a campaign, feel free to contact me!)

This is the first time I contribute content to the ArmA community. I am more than happy to receive constructive feedback on anything from spelling mistakes to story design!

Credit & Thanks

eROkKs and Willret

Scripts by other authors:
Walk as Default Mod by Igitur
Ultra Simple Patrol Script by JW Custom

Download here

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