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First go to your mission folder. And add a new text. And open it and save as briefing.sqf Than again make a new text and save as init.sqf. now open init.sqf Code init.sqf
//begin init.sqf

//Add briefing
execVM "briefing.sqf";

if ( true ) exit { };

In the briefing u make your briefing

----------------------Briefing Code -------------

tskobj_1 = player createSimpleTask["Task Name"];
tskobj_1 setSimpleTaskDescription ["Description or your note here", "Task name", "Task name"];
You want to make obj_2? just do

tskobj_2 = player createSimpleTask["Task Name"];
tskobj_2 setSimpleTaskDescription ["Description or your note here", "Task name", "Task name"];
ok now go to your game. And make a trigger none write in the Condition obj_l; ok now that is done. Now write in the onAct


If you want = when u complete all the task than u will Get end so write ForceEnd;
And remember to set it End1
Ok now The important part!. How u get complete the task?. here is that script put in a trigger or some in a waypoint or anywhere code
"1" objStatus "DONE"; tskobj_1 setTaskState "SUCCEEDED"; obj_1 = true; publicVariable "obj_1";

Ooops you will get only complete task 1 how do u complete other task? here


if u want to make second task
"2" objStatus "DONE"; tskobj_2 setTaskState "SUCCEEDED"; obj_2 = true; publicVariable "obj_2";

If u want to make 21 task how do? u do that?


"21" objStatus "DONE"; tskobj_21 setTaskState "SUCCEEDED"; obj_21 = true; publicVariable "obj_21";

Like that :)
Now if u want to make more objectives ending ? in the condition u wrote only obj_1
How to add obj_2?

here write this

obj_1 && obj_2 && obj_3;

like that obj_1 is objective 1 right obj_2 is objective 2.

A Comment by General Aladeen
If u want to make a like = when u destroy the tank the task will be completed if u want to do those stuff ask me
I will tell u!. I am helpful :D

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Did u want to know any kind of a script tell me! i can even tell u the god mode script! unlimited ammo script!. Anything :D

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Ooooooooops XD

General Aladeen

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#2 Posted at 2013-06-12 16:48        
Is this JIP compatible? If not then can you make it or?

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