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Stratis has fallen siege to a renegade opfor officers command.This man is dangerous and will stop at nothing to turn the island into a fortress if measures are not taken to deal with him.Take your team and eliminate this man at all costs.
This is my first publicly released mission,and i hope that it ticks all the right boxes.
Any criticism/feedback is more than welcome :)

  • Scuba insertion
  • Sniper assassination
  • Custscenes

  • Installation:
    Place the Shooter.pbo in your MP missions folder in your arma 3 root directory

    Can be played singleplayer or multiplayer but i recommend disabling your ai team mates if playing alone

    Credits & Thanks:
    Thanks to all the chaps on the Armaholic and BI Forums for be able to browse through there code and advice when
    i have been at a loose end.
    Thanks to BIS for a awesome game
    Kronzky for his UPS script

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