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Made by a OGR fan and trying to keep the feeling alive, you have many options on mission start to set pref of difficultly of the situation, mission and uses 2 locations of Lingor jungle island to choose from. Its all based on OGR style long mission using recon/stealth/planning.

Alternate mirrors:

(Pick your fileshare - MIRRORS WELCOMED)


- Island Lingor 1.5
- CBA (Community Based Addon)
- Arma2OA Latest patch.


Ghost Recon special operations team have been called to the Lingor
region to assist local officials in tracking down captured British
hostages hidden in the region. Officials are increasingly concerned,
this entire situation is adding more pressure between British and
Lingor ties with both parties embroiled in a long standing diplomatic

The hostage Intel has been passed over and listed as follows:

Terry Waite (White Caucasian) - Alan Johnston (White Caucasian).

Civilian rebels are known to be a part of the operation involved in
taking these hostages, and it isn't the first time. These locals are a
rag tag group that are becoming an increasing problem with the influx
of arms and armour sales through the black market on the island. Its
known this group harbour AK weapons and armour, in what capacity we are
unsure right now, and that’s where you come in.

We need to establish what they have in terms of armour and weapons and
put them out of action. The most important of all is finding the
location of the hostages and getting them out safe.

This will be updated over time to include Lone Wolf with its own mode, Tango Hunt modes and East island location to be added with more objectives to play through.

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