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#1 Posted at 2013-07-19 07:09        
Over the past couple of days i've been constructing a base in the south of Lingor/Dingor.

Not sure whether to have it manned by AI, if i did i would have a non manned AI version too. Will be making both Lingor and Dingor versions (so woodland and descam).

Theres a few things i need from the community :) that is 1 or 2 testers that can test it together online (i can't as my internet has been pretty unstable at the moment) and a few signs made for the base (name of base, warning signs etc) and hopefully some of you can give me name ideas for the base! :)

It currently consists of:
Firing range (Launchers, Snipers, Rifles)
CQC training area (Hangar broken up into small rooms etc)
MOUT/CQC (4 Buildings, 3 of them shoot houses with pop up targets, 1 CQC maze with multiple targets)
Runway/Airstrip (Dirt mostly for cargo aircraft etc)

What its going to have:
Helicopter landing pads (probably 5-10)
4wd Car Testing (different obstacles on a dirt track)
Parachute/Free Fall pratice area
Full base fortifications

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