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#1 Posted at 2013-07-25 15:08        
I've been running benchmark tools to check my GPU temps and load.

My GPU and CPU are barely throttling up to play Arma 2 OA. yet I've noticed my frame rate is complete shit (around 20 in towns and 40 in woods)

For example. playing skyrim elder scrolls 5 on ultra mode settings with HD texture pack. I'll see temp of GPU reach 80c under load.

On arma 2 OA under max load everything fully maxed out. I get 50C max temps!!?
Furthermore. My CPU during max load on Arma 2 is around the same temp it idles at. (45C)

I've read that Bohemia interactive are incompetent developers and that Arma 3 is going to suffer from the same piss poor performance issues that Arma 2 currently has.

My question is: why isn't the game utilizing 100% of my system such as other games can do?

I know it isn't my system because everyone I've talked to in game and read reviews online has the same low frame rates.

I'm even hearing that Arma 3 suffers from the same infirmity and that the developer is saying "it's just because the game is in alpha stage"

Let's hear your thoughts and feedback. I would like to know why the game is so incompetent.