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#1 Posted at 2013-08-20 15:46        
Hello everyone,I'm Alexis, I'm french, 23 years old, mechanic engineer student.

I'm editing a big sandbox mission for my friends and me, everything works fine except Norrin's revive/bandage/heal script AFTER LOADING A SAVE. []
Server launch for the 1st time [revive script works fine] > save > exit server > new server > load saved progression [revive sript generates bugs].
bugs :
-too many actions are proposed to the players : example 3*"heal", 4*"bandage wounds", 2*"drag body"...
-all of them are doable so I can heal myself 3 times if I want, but only 1 will be deducted from my available heals number
-accomplished actions do what they are supposed to do but dosen't disapear from the proposed action list

I tried to relaunch "revive_init.sqf" (which is the script launched in the "init.sqf") after loading the save using a trigger, bugs are still present.
>>>Do you have an idea of what to do to fix it ?

An other type of problem also occurs : all the heal/bandage/medpack count of everyone are reinitialized. I think I have the solution which is show everyone's count before save, remember them and set them using a script after loading a save.

Hope it's clear, if not ask me, after something like 40 hours of editing, I don't want to abbandon the idea, neither my friends ! %)

Hope you can help me. *HELP*
Best regards,