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#1 Posted at 2013-08-22 08:55        
Hi all,

I just want to post a topic to say "Thank you" to all modders that don't let fall the modding on ArmA II.

Even with ArmA III, and for many reasons, some of us stay on ArmA II and that's a nice thing to see that some modders don't just let fall the ArmA II players for just modding on ArmA III.

I want to say it too for those who taking care of ACE II, just left behind by the original team and don't finish what they started to begin development on ArmA III.
When we started something, we finish it.
Without those who continu the job on ACE II, the ArmA II players can still experienced many bad bugs.

So, thanks to all modders who continu the job or retaking the job after those who left it behind to permit the player's community of ArmA II to experienced great addons without needed to pass to ArmA III.

Nice job, and keep up the good work !