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#1 Posted at 2013-09-18 13:26        
Hi there, Me and some friends originally bought Arma 2 complete edition at around Christmas time for Dayz, But quickly discovered the Armex gamemode, And some 100 hours of playtime and numerous friendly fire incidence later, we have began exploring custom maps and mods.

I have some questions about multi-player and the server controls, as i am normally the host for our play sessions.

1.) Is it possible to change the time? Armex and maps such as Armoury V3 always take place at day, Which is fun for a while, But it would be really fun to try and attack Cherno's defenders or just fight one another at night for once. Can i do this in the server controls or in the map editor? If So, How do i open custom or vanilla maps in the map editor?

2.) When clicking M, and trying to go to server controls it asks for a password. What is this, And how do i log into it? Does it tell me somewhere?

3.)How easy are scripts and stuff to "Run" on a multiplayer lobby that i'm hosting? I Like the idea of just using Nuke scripts in the middle of a Armex game, For the hell of it.

4.) Will modding my game affect my ability to play DayZ? Whilst i play the core game more now, Will modding/installing scripts affect my ability to join and play Dayz servers?

Thanks in advance for your responses,