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#1 Posted at 2013-10-21 17:06        
The title says it all. I wanted to make a M107 placed on a folding table, to make it look like a static. I have tried several ways. First trying to spawn the M107 on the table with:

Weapon1 = "weaponHolder" createVehicle position gunrack1;

weapon1 addWeaponCargo ["M107", 1];

weapon1 addmagazineCargo ["10Rnd_127x99_M107", 0];

weapon1 setpos [getpos gunrack1 select 0, getpos gunrack1 select 1, 0.8];

I got this far, the M107 spawns sideways like all other weapons spawned. Anyone knows how to turn it around? So it like, stands on its bipod.

Tags: M107, Static, Table