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SPV's Operation Broadsword [BETA]


This mission is designed to be a PvP/PvE sector control mission for up to 40 players. It was built for SPV's team to play
a tactical based game with opponents both AI and player.Both Opfor and Blufor have their own custom bases on Altis and fight to control towns on the island. In each town there is Guerrilla forces that must be defeated before it can be captured by either side; the Guerrilla forces are friendly to neither side.

the gameplay is centered around a main AO which is chosen at random from the available AO's, however it is possible to capture any of the available towns on the island after defeating the forces guarding them.

This mission is still in BETA at the moment and may still contain bugs however it is very playable and SPV has had great fun playing it. So we have decided to release it here for other Server Admins to use.

We hope you enjoy it :) Please report any bugs on our public forum

  • Unique gameplay at 20 towns on Altis including Kavala.
  • Set mission start time through mission parameters
  • Set number of AI units defending the Primary AO through parameters
  • Set AI difficulty through mission parameters
  • Set number of Mechanized units guarding the AO through parameters
  • Uses INS_revive script by naong latest version v0.3.0
  • Set all of the mission parameters that are available from INS_revive

  • Installation:
    This mission is multiplayer Dedicated server only. move the SPV_Operation_Broadsword_V0_4.Altis.pbo to your serves MPmissions folder and select from the mission select screen of your server.

    Included files:
    Download file includes the PBO and the file folder with the source code in it please feel free to modify any of the cotent
    written by me. other modification of third party scripts may require permission from their author.

    Known issue client side reporting system still needs refining.

    Credits & Thanks:
    Thanks to BI for releasing this amazing game
    To naong for INS_revive
    To SPV_Bravo
    To SPV_Guivans
    To my Team SPV Septem Pro Vita for their support
    To the ArmA community for all their great work

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