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#1 Posted at 2013-12-12 16:17        
Hi Guys and Gals,

I know Robalo's ASR AI3 is not yet in full release, but what I do have working seems to run pretty awesome. I played a mission last night with a buddy and the AI was much much harder than our previous playthrough. Also more believable!

I would like to tweak it however and have a better understanding of what it's doing.

I'm pretty sure I have it installed correctly, but I don't think I have the ASR addons working. Also I know there is a useronfig file, but looking at Robalo's posts on suggested settings for various difficulty, I don't see those setting's in the userconfig file. The user config mostly seems to let you set a coefficient for Bluefor, opfor, and guerrilas.

Does anyone know video tutorials on setup? Specifically the addons? I've watched a lot of the stuff posted for A2OA and read a lot of the original forum posts. Mostly it caters to people who already have a good understanding of configuring mods and their setup, how to call things with scripts here and there in their missions etc.

Thanks for any help,


Added 12 hours 38 minutes later:

Apologies if I should be posting this elsewhere.

I am extra confused now. I have downloaded ASR_AI addons from Robalo's site. But I can't tell if it's truly just addons, or if it's packaged with a new/old version of ASR AI.

The names are changing in various posts. I now have a directories:


When I launch Arma3 and go to configure, these are the options I have to enable (CBA is already enabled)

ASR AI3 102501
ASR Appendix 081701
ASR AI 081701

Can anyone provided clarification? I'm going to make a post on Alpha squad when I can.

Thanks again,


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#2 Posted at 2014-02-03 22:05        
Latest is ASR AI3 :)
On this page, under the banners, you have SU and PWS links to the ASR Development repos:

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