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#1 Posted at 2014-01-09 15:12        
I have this problem a vile now and dont know what to do.
(I already tried to google it but my google does like i never used "ACRE" bevor....means it shows me sits of acer and stuff like (ok I recoverd my PC in the last time))

SO here the Problem:

actualy Arma III works fine and also my acre does but somewhen this Problem cames up.
-I can hear everyone but I cant hear where they standing and stuff
- their moths dont move (so I have to know whos talking)

I scroled abit thou the forum but I found any posts like this (If there is already a Post like this let me now)


(And dont mind, my english is actualy realy bad so feel free to ask if your dont understand some parts)

just vvres^^