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#1 Posted at 2014-01-11 23:21        
So i just finished my first custom mission in the editor ( i haven't known there is a MP editor and a SP editor for ARMA 3 since now) works fine, i can play it. So now i tried to upload the mission into steam workshop - worked fine too.

Here starts the problem: I want to play the mission with some friends. They tried to subscribe the mission through arma 3 workshop. Now they want to host the mission on multiplayer, but the mission don't shop up in the list. It only shows up in the singleplayer scenarios list.


So after some searching around i read that i have to "export" the map "to multiplayer" out of the editor. After i have done that, there is this *.pbo-file in the game directory under MPmissions (steam folder). Now i can host the mission but it seems that all the custom scripts and music and images are gone. It seems it only export the mission itself.

So here's my problem:
- How can i upload a multiplayer mission to the steam workshop, so that ppl can download it and play it multiplayer
- How can i create a multiplayer mission out of the singleplayer mission with all the neede files in there like pictures and music ?

Glad if anyone can help !


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