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#1 Posted at 2014-01-12 20:45        
I'm making a really cool mission but I wanted a debriefing. In case you don't know what it is, when you end the mission, you'll get a Debriefing (1/2) tab and a Statics (2/2) tab. What's written below mission complete in the debriefing tab is what I want.

The idea of the mission is to invade Stratis trough the airfield and then defend it against a counter attack from the rest of the island, and when the mission suceeded, I'd get the debriefing saying "Good job. You've captured the airfield and defeated the counter attack." Or something like that.

I've been gogglin' the whole noon for a solution but all I see is scripting and when I see something that is probaly useful it's in German (I know it's useful because it has pictures, step by step things, but I don't speak German and isn't the best German speaking guy arround). This is why I just created this ArmaHolic account, let's see if anyone can help me.

As a begginer I have absolute no deep knowledge on editing.

Could you please help this soul? Thank you.

PS: You might need patience on helping me.