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#1 Posted at 2014-01-28 23:53        
Well, long story short, Whenever people try to join my server, they get kicked. This only applies to some people.

Like, some players are able to connect. This person called LALO-MEXICO Connected, And my Friend jphockey9 connected, then after him came this person called James. Then, the chat in-game said "Firestorm: Player James kicked off". I run the server on my laptop, but I did not see this in the server console, on B.E.C, or RCON. Is there some filter I am unaware about? I literally JUST finally installed B.E.C, then after that, this happened.

Also, it kicked the player before it can verify their GUID. Like, it says their GUID, then kicks them, not saying "Verified GUID of -----"