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#1 Posted at 2014-02-27 22:26        
Hi guys this is just a quick run by idea which I have already been working on and is sort of working as I am already through some of the testing stages and now into the v2 of my project. Over the past couple of week I have been coding a lot and been working out something that I wanted to add to my own version. Some of the new things are as followed in the current stable version of mine including everything from the v0.9f A3 version which is out right now.

[Added] - Buying Cars
[Added] - buying Attack Choppers
[Fixed] - Placement of Weapon Creates
[Added] - Tanks
[Added] - Starting cash $10000

Some main points from this stable version are buying cars. I am looking into adding more menu sections but for now you find them under objects. There are apparently vehicles shops but I have looked what feels like high and low and nothing has appeared so I wanted to create my own little version updates. Also starting cash has been bumped up just because yes you can get that from 1 sunken ship but you want everything to have a fair advantage so going up against a military boat with guns everything isn't that fair when you have a pistol. Some things I am going to add are the black series of weapons. Right now there is currently no black weapons and coming with them are the swat and police units. I'm not trying to copy of Altis life but I think this will look very good as I am already testing this because I have already placed new outfits in the game. There are again found in the general store for now. I need to learn how to incorporate mods in with the original wasteland instead of it coming as a 'package'. This is proving very tricky!

So far I only have a few things I 100% working condition on the version 2 so its very unstable. I want to improve this before a release is made for this mod but I am hoping not too take to long scripting. I will be posting some screenshots soon of these updates to wasteland.