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#1 Posted at 2014-03-05 12:28        
I have Arma II OA with ACE2 and create simple mission in editor.
if (side player == west) then {hint "your side is west";};
if (side player == east) then {hint "your side is east";};
in player action works fine: when I in west side it shows "your side is west".

After some time during game my unit (player) loses his side.
Script becomes return nothing, hints not working and units of my side start to shoot me (friendly fire).

The moment when it happens is different: sometimes I go far away from my troop and start to use HE or simply participate in battle near friendly units.
i.e. side player - not working at all after some time of the game.

And after that commands like this:

westCenter = createCenter west;
mygroup = createGroup west;
[player] joinSilent grpNull;
[player] joinSilent mygroup;
mygroup selectLeader player;
EAST setFriend [WEST, 0];
WEST setFriend [EAST, 0];

also don't help.

What cause of that problem?
Any idea?

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