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#1 Posted at 2014-03-15 21:20        
Hello, We have recently enabled JSRS&CBA on our wasteland servers. But for some reason, any client that connects with JSRS&CBA enabled have horrible lag/desync. The noticeable changes are that friendly player tags are not showing and store zones are not displaying friendly/enemy/empty. I have confirmed this myself along with a few others from the clan. Running on high end PC's so that cannot be it. Server also is using minimal resources. Funny thing is that if you remove the CBA mods and run JSRS only you do not experience this issue. But CBA is needed for the distance side of JSRS. So i am led to believe it could be a problem with the server not getting along with CBA.

I have also checked the RPT log up and down and cannot find anything out of the ordinary except a few "missing sound lines"

"Cannot load sound 'jsrs_grenade\reload.wss'"
"Cannot load sound 'jsrs_scar_l\reload.wss'"
And a few more.

Thank you in advance.