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#1 Posted at 2014-04-06 19:35        
Hey everyone, as many of you may know the mod "All In Arma" is the one that ports a whole bunch of Arma 2 vehicles and maps to ArmA 3, along with some other miscellaneous stuff.
If you have used this mod for any period of time and decided to import some arma 2 custom maps into your all in arma, I am sure you have probably found that whole "horizon line" "pond glitch" thing where it looks like some water is clipping through the whole damn screen. (Feedback Tracker Link)
Many modders have acknowledged this problem on the forums, and Alduric, the creator of a mod called A3MP, has apparently modified some maps to fix this problem. Now this whole pond glitch thing seems to actually be a moderately well known problem, and I think people just end up using A3MP and its all fine and dandy for them. Now I belive I posted somthing about this on the feedback tracker on some point, and I attempted to PM Alduric about if he could help me to fix this, but I dont think he really understood what I was trying to ask him, he more or less told me to download his mod, A3MP.
I personally don't want to have to use A3MP (No offense to its creator) but I already have ArmA 2, my friends do and personally I dont want to download 5gb of what I already have and not even be able to use arma 2 vehicles or anything like that.It isnt compatible with AiA, and quite obviously many people also use that mod, including myself.
There are certain maps that I enjoy playing in ArmA 2, such as Esbekistan or Schwemlitz that I can no longer play in ArmA 3, and honestly it doesn't seem like Bohemia Interactive has even acknowledged this bug, and some trolls are going to say "Oh well why do you need arma 2 maps, just play regular arma 3" and frankly I dont want to hear any of that, what I want is for me to be able to just play these maps.
One good example of a workaround is how the author of the arma 2 FATA map actually removed the ponds from his map, a simple task that I greatly appreciate, just so people could play it with the All in Arma mod, now obviously many map makers are going to be like "oh well i dont want to support arma 3" or may have already left the community or are just no longer active etc. So its not like every map maker can just modify their map to fix it.
That is why I am looking for a way to either fix it for myself or somehow get someone to fix it, and I know I am not the only one getting this.
I heard that there is some type of a2oapondfix script or somthing, I tried that and it doesn't work, if anyone knows how to actually make it work please tell me, I downloaded all the tools and seemingly did everything right.
Then there is manually removing the ponds myself, well I have no clue how to use any kind of arma map editing tools so that idea is kinda thrown out the window right then and there. Finally there is finding a way to just delete these pond files so they can't render in the fist place. Many maps have their own custom pond files, and dont just share some common file name or 3d mesh for them, so I, Bohemia Interactive, or the modders cant just delete a few files and its fixed forever, doesn't work like that as far as I see it.
Now another possible solution is to just fix whatever is breaking the ponds, and keeping the ponds themselves, Alduric had said something about him making some pond shader, I am not sure if that was a globally applicable thing or if it was some manually edited thing he did to his maps.
If you have ever got this glitch or have any information on how to fix it, please post and we can all work togheter as a community to fix this issue, also please vote on that feedback tracker ticket because maybe, just maybe Bohemia Interactive has some way to fix this, even if it is a mod based/ mod caused glitch.
Thank you.