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#1 Posted at 2014-04-21 17:28        
I'm using R3F Artillery and Logistic 1.6. I have run into problem where, when loading saved game, artillery computer's "Ammo Type" dropdown list is completely empty. At mission start mod seems to be working great (I have used it only with Stryker MC and M252), even with ACE2, but the saved games are for some reason "broken".

I tried search forum for this topic but had no luck. However I think this should be already "known" and propably solved issue. Any help availible?

Edited for further info:

I don't know if this has any value but: problem doesn't occure if I start a fresh mission, save it, and then exit the actual mission WITHOUT shutting down the whole sim. Problem DOES occure only if I exit the whole sim and then restart it again.


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