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#1 Posted at 2014-05-01 20:03        
if you havent read it, the Arma 3 Development roadmap
is supposed to be all of Bohemias new goals and such for arma 3.
All this great stuff about new features and firing from vehicles, oh yeah...
half of it is seemingly DLC.
And yes I read it, obviously some of these engine features are going to be global, which is great, but I just don't see how BI is going to pull of this "multiplayer split" of those without dlc and with dlc.
Even if they do, it seems like many people bought ArmA 3 at the full 50-60 dollar price, i only spent 15 dollars on the alpha and even I am crying about the possiblity of having to buy DLC to get new content, features etc :-(
This is pretty much a rant, and people are going to accuse me of not reading the article, but whatever.
Though I recognizes that even if I dont buy this DLC along with all this new update stuff and all of that, I am going to benefit from it to some extent, but at what cost? (Not literally)
If sling loading becomes a DLC, then how am I going to convince my friends who havent got arma 3 yet to buy it?
Bohemia is going to get lots of money off these DLCs, and good for them, but one thing I know is that the ArmA community has never been particulary receptive to DLCs.
I am hoping that these are along the lines of BAF/PMC etc DLCs for ArmA 2, i would not be angry.
But this "Marksman" dlc sounds like they are going to just going to actually make sniping realistic, which was a unfinished part of ArmA 3 to begin with, so why should we have to pay for it?
If Bohemia makes us pay for more than just content, (Ie:weapons,vehicles etc) than that is a horrible mistake, which they will obviously not regret because again, thousands of people are still going to buy their DLCs, just like thousands of people cry about wasteland script issues on the feedback tracker... (sigh)
i hope everyone takes a minute to consider these DLCs and how they will affect the Arma 3 community, also how the apparent workshop addons will go (Skyrim workshop I am looking at you)
I also hope that Armaholic and play with six are not driven out, because the workshop has never worked for heavily modded games in the past as opposed to CS GO/ Dota type stuff where it isnt a big deal anyways.
Thanks for reading my rant against the developers of my favorite game, not my favorite game developers :-D