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#1 Posted at 2014-05-02 22:16        
I have created a mission and save it as User mission so I can edit scripts. When I finished my mission I saved it as Multiplayer export to test it online.

But when i test it online none of the scripts work. When I go to check into mission folder for that multiplayer exported mission I only see file Mission and that's it.

So I decide to put all files and scripts (VAS, AIS, description, init,...) from my saved User Mission into the multiplayer mission folder (copy, paste) and when I start the multiplayer online non of the scripts work.

How do I make a multiplayer mission containing everything that I edited and had in User Mission ??

Added 1 hour 1 minute later:

So I figure it out I just downloaded PBO Manager and whit that imported all scripts and folders into multiplayer mission pbo and now my scripts are working in mulitplayer 8-)

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