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#1 Posted at 2014-05-15 19:00        
I have seen a lot of people doing Addons for custom skin and texture for Army's, Tanks,Vehicles....But non of them do any Zombie texture editing. I'm wondering why really since DayZ was very popular for ARMA 2 why not make a zombie texture for ARMA 3 since we already have zombie mods but they all have default civilian texture.

So I have been editing texture of some Heads and made them look like a zombie. But now how do I make that all randomly spawned Civilians use the same skin and head that I edited. The head applies random to all units blufor, opfor and civilians so some of my units look like a zombie.

What script do I need to do so the Civilians heads and skin is not applied random (black, white, beard, without beard,...) and that all civilians use the same head and skin loadout that I edited. For example "m_white_02_co" ??

my civilians spawn dynamic so they have no names and the all have random skins. I want them to have the same skins (the one that I edited)

Also to mention: When I extract PBO for characters I get Blufor, Opfor, Civillian, Independet. And inside I can only edit their Outfit not head or skin. The Heads folder is outside the blufor, opfor, civ, indepen folders and in heads folder I can edit skins and head but its applied to all blufor, opfor, civillian and independet and that is my problem I want a specific texture skin to be applied only on civilians.

These are the textures that I'm trying to edit to civilians:

I have some lines sticking out and little problems that make my texture look little weird so If anyone (pro editors) wants to edit play around whit this and make a civilian head and body texture feel free to do it and send me the texture image so I can apply it in my mission and character addon. I edited 1 texture in like 10 minutes so it doesn't take long only I'm not expert whit editing programs so it looks really weird.