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Hey guys,

I'm making a new thread to present my new EOD project. I've made some stuff I could use some help with.
I'm looking for somebody who have some scripting skills to make theses items to work correctly and realistically.
I also need some advises for texturing objects I'm working on.

EWK Rhino Anti-IED device :

Here is what I did :

I can send what I did with the scripting part.

Here is what it have to be done :

- playsound3D or globalsay3D in the vehicule.

- Get the animation sound "Detector Up/Down" in global.

- Include thee cfgNonAiVehicle in the config

- Make some better textures,mapping and Lod's.

- Make a better scripts(Performances & use).

- Add the "Activate Rhino" action to blow the IED up when the rhino is in "low position"

- Maybe create an UI for the rhino utilization.

- Stringtable creation.

EWK Thor III Jammer :

What i did :

What it have to be done :

- Scripting

- Help with textures

- Make the 3D more accurate (NEED PHOTOS !!)

- Maybe create an UI for the Jammer utilization

So if you can help in a way or in another please let me know, I really want this project to be done.

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