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#1 Posted at 2014-06-30 23:41        
Hello All.

Just wanted to discuss what we know about Bardak's movements in the mission 'Razor Two' of Harvest Red.

I know it's possible, and somewhat more reliable to capture Bardak after the message telling you he's heading north trying to run the border.

But for the sake of my amusement I've set myself a goal of finding him in the wilderness before this message.

It's been stated that in some cases he may be located at one of the following;

- Northern most camp (marked X)
- Quarry
- Power Station

Does this mean in some cases, Bardak stays at one of these locations? Or is it the case that he moves freely between intel locations?

Alternatively, do we know any paths Bardak is known to follow if he is not at one of these locations? Does he roam freely, or is it a straightforward case of spawning somewhere random and moving towards [some village beginning with G...?] via the most sensible route?

Finally; can anyone tell me if it's possible to clear an assigned target in the UAV, or stop your 'commander' assigning targets?

I've been buzzing around in it hoping to find and track Bardak once I've been to each intel location and found them empty. My problem is, the UAV becomes useless once the 'commander' calls out for me to engage some armour, as from this point onwards all the UAV ever does is orbit and 'dive' at the armour. If I can destroy the target then all is good until I find another one, but in some cases the UAV seems to refuse to lock and my missiles just soar ahead of me into the sky.

Many thanks.

- Lawman

Added 17 hours 51 minutes later:

Well, no info from anyone else - but I did manage to find the sucker!

Instead of arresting him immediately, I tracked him with the UAV while keeping a ground team on stand by not far behind.

From this I managed to learn more about how and where he operates, and I have 97 photos to illustrate this.

When I have a little more time I may compile this into some form of report.

- Lawman Out

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