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There are some things I just don't understand in war mode (Dogs of War being one of the campaign missions to feature this type).

Bases outside original HQ

So in the earlier war mission (wasteland I think it's called) after a LOT of searching I found out that you need to convert the MHQ (APC) into static so that you can build bases. Fine.

However, later on in the mission I was looking to build some bases further up field, as running back to the original HQ was getting SUCH a drag.

I guess it made sense to find out that you can't just build a base in a captured town, this might make things pretty easy. So I went back to find out if you could convert your HQ back into a MHQ and move it further up.

Well, as far as I can see.... No.

So how the hell do you place bases anywhere but your starting point? Surely you can...otherwise it's just...
I mean...

[II] Control of bases in Dogs of War

So I launched into Dogs of War to find that I have absolutely no control over bases, except for using them to generate units.

Now I don't mind too much if I'm not supposed to be the leader of everything this time, but I've read some forum posts where people say there's an option to assign a commander at the start...either yourself or AI.

I don't see this option. There's a 'voting' option on the mission brief that I figured could be it, but clicking on it does diddely-squat (bug maybe?).

In some ways I like the AI taking care of business, so again the only real reason I want to be able to build bases is to be able to build them somewhere further across the battlefield (see point )

[III] Can't build units at appropriate bases

I've also noticed that if you capture a village with a barracks in it you also can't use it for building units. Before I figured this was because it wasn't near the HQ, but having noticed the air base thing I'm not so sure.

I've seen posts where people
, so where the hell are my air units?!?

Be just and fear not

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