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#1 Posted at 2014-07-21 14:10        
i'm trying to sort out the support waypoint, i read what it does but, it is not always working.
mission 1:
i created a mission (co-op), a team must eliminate some hostile forces, move on and silent join bravo, and make there way home. in this mission i do not get the support true 5 1 x
When i call 5 1, there is nothing to show.

mission 2:
in this mission i was testing the sector control, put some sectors, all players are playable.
i go in game and test the mission. when i do in this mission 5 1 x i get a list of items that shown up.
there is no support/medical group added to the mission just the groups fighting for the sectors.

wy in one mission it shows and in others not? Is there a minimum required or a basic setup you need to follow before it triggers the support function in game.


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