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#1 Posted at 2014-07-31 15:14        
Hello dear Armaholic Community,

I recently made my own Zeus Mission for me and my Clan. We played it pretty often and noticed that some players are 'bugged'. Other players can't join their vehicles. I knew this from ArmA 2. It was because people were considered as enemy due to friendly fire. But in the Zeus mission it seems that some players are considered hostile directly after spawning.

Some information: I am using the spawning system of the normal BIS Zeus/Curator mission. To proof the theory mentioned above, I placed BLUFOR Units, and they shot at the players who also were BLUFOR. But only at these, who were 'bugged'.
I literally have no Idea how I could fix this, and I hope you maybe can help :)

Second problem: Addons are not working perfectly. I can't place units from addons, even with the 'Manage Addons' Module, which is placed and synced with all addon units. But still, this isn't working.

I really appreciate the help of you :)

If you want to have the mission I can upload it somewhere and post the link for it.

Thanks for any help.

Greetings from Germany