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#1 Posted at 2014-08-16 19:04        
Hello Community,

I have a problem on building my mission.

Here is the plan:
Some teams (about 10-20 people) are landing in a valley with a chopper to search and destroy the enemy. There are 2-4 choppers to make a airbridge between the operating area and the base. These choppers are continuing bringing more soldiers in the area.
There are to many enemies so that the situation changes from an attack to a defence mission. The bluefor is trying to defend the landing-zone. The choppers are still shuttleing between the lz and the base to bring more soldiers.

Here is the problem:
I am struggling on building the shuttle. I am able to let a helicopter land on a helipad, wait for my team, take off and land on an other helipad, BUT the chopper is waiting for 5 specific people (p1,p2,p3,p4 and p5) because i am doing it that way:
1 - making a land-waypoint direct on a helipad. in "on activation": heli1 land "get in"
2 - making a move- waypoint next to the helipad. in "condition": ((!alive p1) or (p1 in heli1)) and ((!alive p2) or (p2 in heli1)) and ((!alive p3) or (p3 in heli1)) and ((!alive p4) or (p4 in heli1)) and ((!alive p5) or (p5 in heli1))
3 - making a land_waypoint direct on the second helipad. in "on activation": heli1 land "get out"

So the copper lands and waits until my complete team jumped in, it takes off and lands on the second helipad. That's it.
What I need:
1 - How can I force the copper to wait until the people are out before it takes off from the second heilpad? ((!alive p1) or (p1 !in heli1)) does not work.
2 - How can I use the chopper for different groups?
3 - How can I do this with a AI-group?

My dream:
1 - Chopper lands on helipad1
2 - My team jumps in.
3 - Chopper goes to and land on helipad2
4 - My team jumps out.
5 - Chopper goes back to and lands on helipad1
6 - AI-team1 jumps in
7 - Chopper goes to and land on helipad2
8 - AI-team1 jumps out.
9 - Chopper goes back to and lands on helipad1
10 - AI-team2 jumps in
...and so on.

I have searched the web (google) for weeks but I have just found the basic chopper transport stuff like described before or the chopper-transport-module from the vanilla game.

Does anyone knows any help for my plans?

Information about my knowledge:
- I have no problem with understanding and using sytax in the editor (for example:"on activation"-field)
- I know how to use scripts (for example UPS-Patrol-script)
- I cannot write new scripts (because i don't know how)

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#2 Posted at 2014-08-20 12:22        
heli constant movement between two way points is easy using editor
1- move mark (near land area)
2- move mark 2 with options advanced and land (time 300 min mid max)
repeat for next land mark
also you might want to add a refuel trigger when landing heli would refuel
and with some calculations for next group of soldiers you can get them inside the heli
however ai movements are unpredictable and you might end up with a marathon
thus you might want to do it outside the editor

here are some links that will help you: