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Road Kill


The enemy army has taken control of the island you call home. They have set up a military base and taken control of the island's power grid, diverting power to their military operations. You have come up with a plan to ultimately kill the enemy Colonel . . . and to kill him in style.

You will first steal some explosives from a weapons cache and use them to take out a power transformer that is providing power to important areas on the island. When a repairman comes out to see what is going on, kill him and steal the repair truck. Drive the repair truck to the enemy main base where they will likely wave you right inside and then run over the Colonel that is stationed there, before quickly making your escape.

Extract the .pbo file to your Steam/steamapps/common/Arma 3/Missions folder.

You can steal a radio off of a dead enemy soldier to tap into their communications.

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Wow, good mission, great storytelling. feels much better than the usual "clear the village" missions, even if it's less shooting. or maybe just because of it... You should really think about making a whole campaign in this style, or at least a bunch of missions.

The voice acting is definitely a plus, but I had a bit trouble understanding the parts that came during my getaway. Maybe if you do another mission, you could keep an eye on that it is not too mumbled. OR (even better) you put the same lines that you speak also into the radio chat.

What I found a bit inconsistent with the story though was that I'm a regular AAF soldier. By reading the briefing, I expect to be a civilian, with no more than a pistol or maybe a hand grenade or two. That would also be way enough to get the explosives. And if you then change clothes, it would be much more explainable why you can make it through the guard posts. The latter is only possible with the "unlocked uniforms" addon of course, but if you want to keep it addon free, you could also do this with a script, i.e. make an action menu item "change uniform" and then black the screen shortly and switch the civilian char to a csat guy (or technical speaking create a new csat guy, copy over the equipment, setPlayer and delete the old guy).