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#1 Posted at 2014-09-02 16:17        
Hello there, everyone. Being new to the community and all, I don't have much experience with item modeling and texture, actually barely any at all, only a few hours worth. Anyways, I was able to pull out a gun file from DayZ and place it in Oxygen 2, along with the correct textures, but I've come across an error. The texture doesn't map right, nor does it for a standard weapon for ArmA 2, but I also come across an error while loading I'll place below. Here are some reference pictures to help someone with my case.

Face Properties;

UV Mapping;

Error in Buldozer at Startup;

The Incorrectly Mapped Gun;

Thanks in advanced!

There is not a single reason which I can think of that it is needed for you to create the same topic multiple times. One topic for your question is more than enough!

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