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#1 Posted at 2014-09-04 08:52        
Having problems with your Network Connectivity caused by ArmA then read this!

Problems that may be fixed:

Nothing showing up on server list
Inability to load webpages after hosting or server browsing
Windows telling you that "Your computer is experiencing connectivity issues" or something similar

The Cause:

After GameSpy was removed from ARMA 3, a steam browser was implemented. There is nothing really wrong with it and it is a CLIENTSIDE setting that causes all the problems. Your system is pinging the steam gamebrowser sometimes up to 5000 times per minute, even if you have a super-buff internet connection- it can still cause issues.

The Solution:

Go to your Steam Settings via the top left link on your main steam page
Select "Ingame Settings" and change the server max pings per minute to 500 or lower.

Source: Jeeves/Steam.

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