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Who Dares Wins


"Who Dares Wins" is a single-player campaign, which consists of 9 short missions. The story of this campaign revolves around 12 British soldiers who were taken hostages by militia on Altis island and was inspired by Operation Barras, which took place on 10th September 2000 in Sierra Leone and was carried out by Special Air Service (SAS). The missions include helicopter, plane and UAV flying, vehicle driving, infantry combat and stealth movement. The estimated play time of the campaign is 2 hours.

Brief mission overview:
1. Call to Arms : helicopter flying
2. Diplomacy : vehicle driving/story
3. Air Power : UAV flying
4. Evening the Odds : infantry/stealth
5. Point of no Return : helicopter flying
6. Vanguard : jet flying
7. Air Cavalry : helicopter flying
8. Watchful Protectors : infantry/sniper
9. Who Dares Wins : infantry combat

To play the campaign, copy this file into Campaigns directory in your Arma 3 root directory (e.g. steam/steamapps/commmon/Arma 3/). If the Campaigns directory does not exist, create it.

Make Arma Not War:
This campaign takes part in Bohemia Interactive's Make Arma Not War contest. If you like "Who Dares Wins", please consider your vote and support in this contest:

Feedback/Troubleshooting/General questions:
If you have any problems, want to provide feedback or have any other questions, please contact me via

email: wdwcampaign @ or
Bohemia Interactive forums (profile Icewolf_MK) or
Armaholic (profile Icewolf_MK)

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